Dental Tourism


An exponential increase in the dental treatment costs over the last few years specifically in the western world has paved way to the concept of dental tourism.

It is a well known fact that India, with its sudden boom in technology combined with extensively trained and competent dentists offers world class dental treatment at relatively lower costs. On the other hand, India is a kaleidoscope of traditions, cultures and vibrant geographies. From its snow trenches, frolic coasts, splendid natural greens to the mystic ravines of spirituality and clusters of cultural shades, India captures the heart of every tourist making it an ideal location for dental tourism.

We at Lè Dental Esthètique strive to offer dental treatment that parallels the best in the world, while ensuring that the overall experience of the patient is a pleasurable one.

As part of dental tourism we also provide the following adjunctive services :

  • Free consultation via e-mail / telephone / or video conferencing
  • An arbitrary description of your overall dental health, the possible treatments you may require and the no. of visits needed for the same with a quotation of the approximate treatment cost
  • Help with accommodation at 3 / 4 / 5 star hotels based on your preference
  • Assistance with arranging local sight seeing / adventure tours


Pune is the eighth largest city in India and the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra. With a name that descends from the Sanskrit word 'Punya', meaning 'Virtue', the city leads as the 'veritable heartland' of cultural Maharashtra. Pune has also made its mark as the educational epicenter of the country, winning itself the sobriquet, 'The Oxford of the East'.

Pune weather is a blessing for tourists. Overall the city dwells a tropical wet and dry climate with average temperatures ranging between 20⁰ and 28⁰ except for the months of April and May during which the temperatures may hop up to around 35⁰ - 38⁰.

From eminent heritage and pilgrimage sites, to the weekend destinations of Lonavala & Khandala and the sprawling greens of the Western Ghats, the beautiful city has a lot to offer. Pune also observes a vivacious nightlife. The sunny beaches of Goa, adventure trips to Kolad and the magnificient caves of Ajanta & Ellora can also be incorporated in your itinerary along with several other tourist attractions in and around Pune.

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